Debit Card

Good looking card for good looking people. And full of useful features, just like you.

Debit Card

Physical card that lets you make payments, both in-person and online, as well as withdraw real cash.

Types of cards

Altery offers sleek debit cards for Personal accounts with upgrade options coming very soon! We also offer cards for Business accounts.

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Contactless payments to save time on every purchase

Soon your Card will come with its own unique design.

Yet another tool for your financial freedom

You can order your debit card right from your Altery account and we’ll deliver it to your verified address. This way, you will always have your money at hand!

Remember that you can use your account to set up or change your PIN code, temporarily block your card, order a replacement one in case you lost yours, and also order a new one after yours expired. Your card is always connected to your Wallet, giving you full control over your money. You can also opt for a virtual card as a great alternative for paying in online stores and very soon even withdraw cash from it!

We currently only have a EUR card, but we’re working around the clock to make it a multi-currency solution very, very soon.

Cash access

Use your debit card to withdraw real cash at any ATM, no matter where you’re at.

Easy cash withdrawals

Card protection

Use your Altery account to quickly change your PIN code or block your card at any time.

Easy cash withdrawals

Card & Wallet

Your card is connected to your Personal Wallet, so your money is always at your fingertips.

Easy cash withdrawals

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