Our community

Individuality, identity, and then inclusivity

Our community is made up of the most unique and creative people in the world. We exist to empower their work

A note on uniqueness

The beautiful thing about the digital economy is that it allowed millions of people to work on what they love from anywhere in the world. For the first time, individuals had a like-minded community to share their traits and passions. This is what we want to support and celebrate at Altery. The ever-growing love for uniqueness and weirdness, discovery, and embracement.
But as you can imagine, it’s quite tricky to celebrate that by being… a payment solution? That’s why we designed our own brand around this idea: Each and every one of you that joins Altery will be given a visual ID. It will be uniquely yours to use and share, or simply as a reminder that who you are, what you do, and where you live are things worth celebrating every day.

Meet the AlterID

Do you know how companies have a line of code that says “this account belongs to this guy”? We went beyond lines of code and started using visual patterns for our clients. This way, you can use them too!

The Shape

All IDs are created from this super cool pattern, then our algorithm develops a unique combination for each customer.

The Colors

After having your shape ready, we will let you choose a color combination that speaks to you the most!

A brand uniquely represented by its creative clients

Very soon you’ll be able to print your AlterID into your debit card. This way you’ll make sure to stand out for yourself

Altery account

Open your account today and get your own ID very soon!