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Next chapter of digital finance

We’re building a platform for people around the world to be financially connected through both standard and alternative payments channels. One platform to drive change and inclusion across the entire financial system. With Altery, we aim to bridge the gap between the financial world we currently have and the one we believe our customers deserve.
There are many inequalities and exclusions within our society, extending far beyond the financial sector.
We want Altery to play a key part in addressing these negative impacts within financial services and focus on empowering individuals and businesses around the world.

Driving change together

We share a strong interest in moving towards a more diverse and inclusive industry, one that’s open to establish partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures with other financial services firms, banks, central banks, exchanges, or to have exploratory discussions with regulators from all countries.

Momentum for change

There is a clear, growing momentum for change currently brewing around the world. This can be the perfect opportunity to build a more innovative industry with new financial products and services that properly meet the needs of our consumers. Collaboration might be the fastest way to drive that, so we openly encourage all stakeholders to get in touch and help us expand our ecosystem by building stronger relationships together.
We hope to make a positive impact in accessibility, inclusion, servicing customers, banking infrastructure, or any other impact driven benefit that may arise from this joined relationship.

When we work with a bank, an exchange, or any other financial institution, we are not only helping a single business, but rather transforming entire markets.

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