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Mass Payments & API

Whether you’re paying five people or five hundred, automation is key. Our Mass Payments & API lets you speed up this process and refocus on your business

Merchant Acquiring

Take your business to the next level by providing your clients with an easy and convenient payment integration on your website and any other online store

ACH Payments

With ACH payments you can smoothly work with clients in and out of the United States without worrying about wire transfers, credit cards, paper checks, or cash ever again

Factoring Services

Growth is a key step for any successful business, and sometimes a little bit of help goes a long way. Factoring services are a great solution for short-term liquidity needs

Alternative Payments

Learn how we’re becoming the leader in alternative forms of payments for the future of the digital economy, from gift card withdrawals to Webmoney, and many others

Cards for Staff

Give individual members of your company the freedom and flexibility to have their own cards under your business umbrella without any extra steps

Escrow Services

Access safe and secure escrows for you and your clients without depending on any third party. Altery offers secure escrow services to approved business accounts.

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Altery app

Check, send, and receive money on the go with our mobile app, available for personal and business accounts