Alternative payments

Some of the best online financial solutions come from innovations outside of the traditional bubble

Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments are the non-standard payment methods, from well-known solutions such as Apple Pay all the way to gift cards

Current alternatives

We strongly believes that, when customers verbalize their needs, businesses should pay attention. For the digital economy, that means serving users who deal with varying constraints and regulations. With that in mind, we are committed to stand out by being the solution that integrates as many APMs with a significant network as possible.

Just one account, multiple APMs to send your transfers to

Borderless and reliable alternative to bank transfers

A new chapter for online and borderless payments

Alternative payments are pure convenience. With them, you can pay for goods and services without using cash or major card brands. All transactions are purely digital.

All over the world, alternative payments are becoming increasingly popular, whether through enthusiasts sharing their love for these novel technologies or through actual everyday needs. As they become more widely accepted, we are also going to push forward with new solutions for Altery. Our ambition is to offer a practical solution for every single person on earth.

Digital transformation​

Unlike traditional methods, all alternative payments are digital and instant. No more waiting, no more borders.​

Pick your favorite​

We are offering several alternative payment options so you can choose your favorite and transfer money through it.​

Brand you trust​

We only partner with trusted Alternative payment methods, so you can be sure that everything is in order.​

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