Mass Payments & API

Simple payments in different currencies for multiple countries are not a dream, they’re a feature

Mass Payments & API

Integrated method to pay various employees at a click of a button using the Altery portal or the whole API solution

Availability and growth

Automating payment processes can save businesses time, reduce errors, improve their cash flow managements, and reduce costs associated with payment processes, such ass bank or transaction fees. Mass Payments also improves vendor relationships by ensuring timely and accurate payments, leading to better pricing and terms.

One click solutions

Is it becoming frustrating to keep making repetitive payments? Over and over again? Ditch that life and join us today

Freedom and convenience from your account

All customers with a verified Business account can send Mass Payments directly from their own Altery account’s portal.

If you choose to use this feature through your account, you’ll benefit from all the conveniences of our simple to use interface, as well as the constant updates to improve it. You simply need to enter your typical details:
For a card transaction: the name of the cardholder and card details.
For transfers to other clients: their phone numbers or emails.
For bank transfers: CSV file with recipient details.


Mass Payments are one of the easiest upgrades a business can make to start saving time on repetitive tasks.

CSV files and API requests

We offer built-in checks to make sure there are no errors with your files, and if there are, we’ll immediately inform you.

API integration

Customize Mass Payments to the smallest detail with the integration of our API without even needing to Log In.

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Altery app

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