Personal Wallets

One account to rule them all. We’re talking about wallets, as you might imagine

Personal Wallet

Altery allows you to have multiple wallets and convert money from one currency to another with the click of a button

Wallet possibilities

Once your Altery account is open and fully verified - which it should be - you can send money from the app or web to near any country in the world!

One Wallet to collect, hold, and send payments in multiple currencies.


With time, we will also give you access to alternative currencies right from your own wallet.

Why Wallets matter for today’s digital economy

Sending and receiving payments between countries can be quite a pain. International wires are expensive and opening a foreign bank account may not be on the menu in most cases.

Having a digital Wallet changes all that. It is multicurrency, so you get instant access to all your money, and that allows you to send transfers to whomever and whenever you want. Excuse the buzzword, but it really is borderless. You just need to register your account and verify it following on-screen instructions. Once that's done, enjoy your much-deserved payment freedom buddy!

Instant conversions

Receive payments for your products and services around the world with ease of mind thanks to our seamless currency conversions.

Internal ecosystem

Send and receive money to other Altery customers within our ecosystem or even to prospective customers.

Endless options

Send money to other clients, bank accounts, credit cards, and soon, even alternative payment methods.

Benefit from this product and many more.
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Altery app

Check, send, and receive money on the go with our mobile app, available for personal and business accounts